Ironwood Hills, what happened behind those rusty gates?

Of all my big plans to visit the SL12B regions this week, and blog about them, nothing happened. What did happen was too much real life, taking up all my time and energy and took away the inspiration to explore and write for some days. And still a bit.
All will be fine, it is just one of those periods everything comes together – unplanned and out of the blue – and we all know those periods will slow down and life will be back to normal!

I found the time in the late evenings to log in for a bit, for distraction and even had a couple of hours today. Upon logging in I received a notice via SL Blogger Support about a new sim, open to the public, promising us a great photography location: Ironwood Hills.
Just what I needed!

Ironwood Hills is, as the information said, a post-apocalyptic urban environment, loosely based on Silent Hills. It has abandoned buildings, dirty streets, wrecked and rusty cars and spooky empty playgrounds. Yeah, so what happened behind those rusty gates….I have NO idea!
Rezzing is enabled, making it indeed a perfect spot for photo-shoots – as you can bring your own props (there is not even auto-return, so you can take your time!).
Ironwood Hills - II

The regions own wind-light is quite dark and foggy, so I used others for my pictures and played around with Depth Of Field for the occasion.
Ironwood Hills - III

But as always…it is best to go check it out yourself and if you take pictures, be sure to add them to the Ironwood Hills Flickr Group!
Ironwood Hills - I



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  1. Becky says:

    Seem to have a bit of a religious theme – which always intrigues me :)

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