SL12B, The Ixtlan Stage and Patch and Dee Linden talked in the Auditorium

Last night I was really looking forward to attending the interview by Saffia Widdershin in the Auditorium, where she would talk to Patch and Dee Linden.

I was on time and even had some time left to visit and explore the magnificent Ixtlan Stage on the Dazzle sim! A wonderful, magical, build with tunnels and lots of shiny crystals – leading you to a center court of sorts, in a strange but calm atmosphere. Lovely!


SL12B - Ixtlan Stage II - A Blogpost!

Then I hurried to the Auditorium before the region would be full and while having a snack for dinner, I sat next to Becky and we waited!

The interview was somewhat disappointing, no real news, no scoops, no suprises. Becky has written her experience and feeling about it on her blog and I can only agree with everything she has written.

SL12B - Auditorium - A blogpost!

While sitting there and listening, I had plenty of time to try to film and make a short impression of the evening. The quality isn’t super, even though I was in ultra graphics, but I think a crowded sim isn’t ideal for clear, crisp images. I have forgiven myself for that :P.

Tonight Xiola Linden will be interviewed, so I better get ready and find a good spot!

And here is my video, hope you like it!


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