A small summerbreak and a new man

The past days – I have been less active online and in-world, and enjoyed a bit of a summerbreak which I spend in  real life. Not that the weather is super, but there have been some days without rain (!) and the weatherman on tv has promised some nice sunny days at the end of the week!
Also, I am spending a lot of time with a new love in my life, a wonderful man who adores me; and I adore him!

His name is Chuck and he lives with me since this past weekend and even though this isn’t that long, I feel we will have a great, happy future together.

He is a Jack Russell Terrier and when writing this blog-post he is 9 weeks old. As young and small as he is, he is fierce and fearless and quite a handful, keeping me busy – from the moment he wakes up at 5AM till our last walk before bed around midnight.


When he sleeps, in between serious play-times, lots of walks and making me clean up after him, I work and keep an eye on him. I could watch him for hours, but alas I have to do some other things too. In the evenings, when he needs to calm down for the night (lol, calming down a Jack Russel..ha ha ha) he sleeps on my lap. And he farts. But I still adore him!

Love Henry - I

Chuck bring so much happiness with him, and yeah..he takes away some online SL time, but I am good with that!

So the coming time I will perhaps blog a bit less, enjoying summer and Chuck. But no, I am not really taking a ‘break’-break, I love SL too much!

The pictures in this blog-post I took at “Love, Henry” an art installation on LEA8 by Tahiti Rae, it tells the story ‘what if Anna Boleyn wasn’t killed….Beautiful scenery, worth a visit!
Love Henry - II



13 Comments Add yours

  1. Zee says:

    That is one handsome lad! <3

    1. He is! And he struts around like he owns the place. Well, I guess he does….

  2. Why did I have a feeling that you weren’t referring to a real man in your opening remarks! lol He’s a cutie though, and probably Much less hassle than a real man anyway.

    1. Haha, well you cant compare a real man to a Jack Russell, right? I like both species :)

      1. sassycoupleok says:

        LOL…..well both species do like to strut around and act like they own the place !!! ;)

  3. sassycoupleok says:

    Those feisty little guys will wear you out !! But very good rodent killers.

    1. Heh he is energetic, but I do not need a rodent killer….:)

    1. thank you for reblogging!

  4. nalates says:

    Jack Russells are awesome. But, they can be a hand full.

    1. Oh he certainly is a hand full, 9 weeks old now and already walks around like a boss! I grew up with border collies and have had labradors for ages. After years of no dog (due to my rl job, I was travelling too much and too busy) I now finally found myself in the luxury position to have time for a dog, since I am self employed now and work from home. I knew what I gotten into, with a Jack…but he already gives me so much joy and love :)

  5. I’m back from my journeys this summer and yes the weather has not been great over there!! But still a wonderful time. Congrats on the new male in your life- he’s a keeper! Beautiful images and I will like to visit this sim!!

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