KiLu is the name of a new destination, carefully landscaped and decorated by Kimbra Iridescent and Luis Lockjaw and an absolute must to visit. Yes, I say this a lot – but I only say it when I really mean it.

KiLu is currently in Autumn style and has so many vibrant colours, it makes you wish it was autumn forever. Or maybe that is because I personally love autumn as a season, it is my favourite of the year.

KiLu - I

You can rez props on Kilu, making it a perfect location for photoshoots (you are kindly requested to clean up when you are done!) but even if you do not need props, it is great anyway! Lovers of elegant landscaping will enjoy this place, no doubt and I am sure it will be a popular destination soon.

KiLu - II

Be sure to visit and like their Facebook page, to keep updated on changes, and well, just go and explore – there is a lot to see and discover.

KiLu - III


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