6 tips on how to get your readers to engage on your blog

Just published this article on SL Blogger Support, some tips on how to spark discussions on your blog.

SL Blogger Support

The other night someone (forgive me, I forgot the name) mentioned in the inworld SL Blogger Support group chat that they missed having interactions, or rather discussions, on their blog. Some suggestions were made on how to spark discussions or threads on your blog, and it lead me to write this article, hopefully giving those who wish more comments on their posts some tips!

For starters, blogs used to be the place for discussions some years ago. The lack of good old threads and heated discussions nowadays is not so much that people don’t have an opinion anymore, on the contrary. As it went the past years, Social Media has taken over and people tend to take their discussions to Plurk, Twitter and Facebook.
Those channels are were a lot of discussions, about blog-posts, are going on. Discussions you may not see on the blog-posts itself.

Social Media is fast…

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