Peace of Serenity

This evening I spent a lovely time in a new place (it opened 9 november) called Peace of Serenity. Landscaped by Freakshow Zsun and decorated by Strawberri Marmelade (blazin.aubret), this is a beautiful location for all of us who enjoy exploring, walking around and taking pictures.
For photo-shoots you can rezz props, once you have joined the land-group for the small fee of 200 LS. The sim is M-rated and nudity is not allowed.

Peace of Serenity - III

I’ve enjoyed this place a lot, and discovered all kinds of lovely corners and great views, in between the autumn coloured trees. A wonderful ocean-view as well, and a lake/pond to sit by and relax. Perfect to play around for a while with wind-lights, or just sit and be happy and Zen :)

Peace of Serenity - II
If you go and take pics, do not forget to upload them in the Peace of Serenity Flickr Group!
Note: although I fiddle a lot with wind-lights, some of my images in this post are post-processed – using some filters with colours and grain effects.

Peace of Serenity - IV


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