Amatorum – classy, gorgeous and sexy

A few weeks ago Luna Jubilee opened a new sim, Amatorum. An adult region, catering to mature residents looking for a classy environment without being judged on occasional adult activities. The place is also gorgeous to explore, with many lovely secluded corners for privacy and super for taking pictures. However, in order to be able to explore and enter the sim you need to be a member, which will cost you 250 LS.

Amatorum - I

I found it worth the Linden Dollars, as this place is wonderfully landscaped and decorated and the advantage of a membership only location is: it is relatively quiet if you need some private time for pictures or time with a friend/loved one.

Amatorum - II

There are house-rules, presented to you upon arrival, so you know what to expect. Is is a sex-sim? No. Well, okay, sex can happen on Amatorum and you may encounter a nude avatar or two, but most of all it is a relaxed place – sex is optional and you may keep your clothes on if you wish (keep it classy, dress code in the note card too!).
Amatorum - III

Amatorum currently runs and hosts a Dating Auction – for which you do not need to be a member! – a very cool way to get yourself a date! You can stil enter the auction and see who will bid on you (like I did! OMG), or you go and bid on the avatar of your liking for a date (like I did too, OMG!). The auction ends on 19 december, so if you participate you can be sure to have a date for the holidays! The proceeds of the auction go to the tier of the sim :)

Amatorum - V

Looking for a nice date or not…in any case: Amatorum is a beautiful place to visit!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    That sounds quite intriguing and erotically fun too !!!

  2. Beth Macbain says:

    I just joined the group… trying to get in to explore but SL is being stupid tonight. Anyway… my first impression is from their Place Profile and their keywords. I know it’s to get bumped up in the searches and trying to attract people, but I’m always a bit turned off when I see “Sex” “Free” “Fuck”, “Slut”, “Porn” and “young” to describe a place.

    I would think that would lead to the exact type they aren’t looking for in members.

    1. Hi Beth!
      Yeah, I saw the keywords in the land info too, and I admit it made me sigh a bit. It is for search – I know ..but I get what you mean. The location is still amazing for pics and exploring though :)

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