What else to do on a quiet Friday night than ..exploring! While browsing the Destination Guide, Nusquam got my attention – as I remembered the name from some fabulous pics I had seen on Flickr. So there I went, hoping it looked as good as promised!

Nusquam - II

And it did! Nusquam is a rural environment, with farms and fields and horses and barns, but the the intriguing bit are the railroad track, which seem to be unused and leading to nowhere. Just as the land information tells you. Nowhere.

Nusquam - III
A wonderful place to explore and for pictures (do not forget to add your pics to the Nusquam Flickr group!). But also to just sit and enjoy. Peaceful and serene. Simply..amazing.

Edit: A must see, Huckleberry Hax’ post and pics on  Nusquam and his ‘moving postcard’, which is an amazing machinima he made and published this morning.

Nusquam - IV


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlie Namiboo says:

    one of the most fascinating places I have visited lately …. and such nice pics, Caity!

  2. love train tracks!!

    1. Then you will surely love this place!

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