Playa Flamingo

Last night I received a notice in the SL Blogger Support group, about a new location: Playa Flamingo, owned and decorated by Marcus (marcus688.resident) who has generously opened this for all who want to take pictures and..the coming few days rezzing is allowed too (please clean up after yourselves!).


There is no real theme, as the information said: it is just a bunch of nice spots for photography,  and that is so much fun! Specially now you can, for the time being – no idea how long – rezz your own props for pictures. Thank you Marcus!

Off duty
Off Duty

All images in this blogpost are direct uploads via the LL Viewer to Flickr – so no post processing from me- , to give you an idea on how lovely this place is, and how diverse! There is much more to see and use than I can show, so I say: go there and enjoy!

Anti-gravity trailer
You know you’ve worked too long in logistics when you just stare at this trailer….

  SLURL: Playa Flamingo

Behind the scene

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