‘Like no one is watching’

This weeks challenge by Strawberry Singh is all about my favourite pastime in Second Life: dancing!

I love to dance in Second Life. Well in real life too, but I am afraid my moves aren’t that smooth in the real world. Never kept me from dancing anyway, though it is best kept private.

So, the challenge was not only to dance, but to film it and upload it to YouTube! A good excuse to make another machinima and since I had an hour to waste this afternoon, I danced…like no one was watching….just like I did this morning when cleaning :).

I use Fraps to record in Second Life, and have used Windows Moviemaker to edit it into a clip. The music is free to use and from the YouTube Audio Library.
Last year I wrote an article with some tips and tricks on how to make a machinima in Second Life, you may find it still useful!
And of course Berry has lots of tips in her blogpost about this weeks challenge.

Kitchen by Dutchie
Ironing board and bucket with cleaning products by MadPea (last years Arcade)
Dance: Leni -05 by Move Animation


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