Days of O

Even an experienced, ahem, explorer like me makes the occasional mistake – but you have to live and learn, right?
It started this weekend when I read a plurk from Froukje, who was excited about a new (adult) sim, named Days of O. Naturally I went to see it, if only to get a LM for a later visit as I was a bit in a hurry. Upon landingpoint I accepted a notecard with rules (commandments) and after a quick read (the big mistake people: a quick read and skipping important information, ack!) and walked over the bridge to have a look.

Banlines. No Access to this area!  I looked around and saw nobody near, so I sighed and got back home, answering to Froukjes plurk I was disappointed to have walked into banlines and …oh well, I went to make dinner.

Days of O - II

Later that evening I received a friendly IM from Mako Vitti (fluxie.aeon) the owner of Days of O, who must have seen my plurk, and he told me I had to join the group to have access – as was written in the notecard with rules. And a sign outside of the landing point, with group joiner – which I totally missed on my run to the bridge. Ahem. The information was indeed in the note…and the group-joiner is there too…I was just too hurried, and didnt read well. Tsk tsk tsk! Anyway Mako kindly added me to the group, I apologised for my impatient behaviour and poor reading skills, and all was good in the world again!

Days of O - III

Today I had time…and read the rules again, before I went exploring Days of O.

Days of O is based on the erotic novel Histoire D’O, where Dominance and submission are a the big part. Hence, on Days of O you may see nudity, and you could walk into sex-  and BDSM play. All in a beautiful setting and lovely landscaped and decorated. You can even visit the Chateau Roissy! You are not forced to play, it is fine to just wander around, dressed.

Days of O - IV If you are looking for an adult location, and love this theme, then the 150 LS to join is certainly worth it!

Days of O - I


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