Arachnid by Cica Ghost

Over the years I have blogged so many of Cica Ghost’s installations, she is one of SL’s most productive artists, and her artwork never bores and always impresses me.

Today I wen to explore her current Arachnid which features, oh surprise, spiders! Big ones. Animated and moving ones. Oh and did I say they are huge?

Arachnid - III
The information is a quote:

“Once you begin watching spiders, you haven’t time for much else.” ― E.B. White

I suppose this is very true. Being fascinated or scared, you won’t indeed have time for much else.

Arachnid - II
Luckily, this is Second Life and though they are huge….Cica’s spiders (and butterflies) are awesome and safe. I did feel a bit sorry for the butterflies, but oh well….such is life!




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