Binemust, a must!

It has been a bit quiet around Biné Rodenberger, the owner of one of my favourite sims Binemist (which closed a few months ago) but I knew she was busy working on a new sim. So I was thrilled when she invited me over to Binemust, her new place, which took her months to shape and decorate for a review. It will open to the public on 15 august. Yup, you will have to be patient!

Binemust - I

But Binemust is worth the waiting. A sim with two islands and a complete underwater world to explore, awesome for enjoying and wandering about and of course: photo shoots. You can rezz your props, autoreturn in set on 30 minutes, which is wonderful!

Binemust - III

I am sure this place will soon become a photographers favourite, and I am truly delighted to see Binés work back in Second Life!

Binemust - IV

More links:
Binemust on Flickr
Biné’s  blog
Biné on Twitter


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  1. Thank you Cait for your kind words – what amazing snapshots you take. Love love love

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  3. Just need to leave a note saying that I have changed the covenant on Binemust, and that you now have to join the group Binemist in order to rez props and poses. There is a small feed of L$ 100 in order to join.

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