Love is all around

No matter what happens, it is often good to be reminded of the good things in life. Like, love.
Last Saturday I attended the wedding of Dee and Skip (delinda.dench and skip.staheli) and was honoured to be a guest at the romantic ceremony – Ibiza beach style, dresscode was ‘white’) and it was ever so lovely.

Dearly beloved - Dee and Skip

I am not known to be a fan of SL weddings, but this was a special one, for me and everyone who knows Dee and Skip. Sure there was lag, there were crashes but hey..that is Second Life for you! Planned to perfection, with vows spoken in voice, perfect music and Dee’s surprise live singing for Skip, made me all soft and teary and yeah..I was glad I had a box of Kleenex within reach.

I’ve tried to capture some moments, in between screen freezes and crashing, and even managed to film Dee singing for Skip – accepting some un-rezzed guests in the background and Skip in an unflattering pose, but it was a surprise so no time to set up for a serious machinima! – as her song was so, so intense and full of love and that was what is was all about.

Then tonight, 4 august, there was an afterparty on the wedding sim which will be gone tomorrow, to close this week of love. Coincidentally 4 august is also my rezzday, so I danced away on great music having a blast celebrating the lovely Dee and Skip and also pretended this was my rezzday party (omg, 9 years!). I had an awesome evening!

Happy 9th Rezz Day to me !

Love is all around. No matter what happens. Cheers to Dee and Skip! And happy rezzday to me!

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  1. Skip Staheli says:

    Such a beautiful blogpost.. your soooo rocking these blogs! We love the photos ánd touching video you made, its a treasure, as YOU are! Once again.. happy 9th rezday Caits.. next year you and I both hit the 10!! wowzahhh! <3

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