Currently to explore and admire on LEA13:  Floating. A wonderful, strange and mysterious art installation which is a collaboration of two of my favourite Second Life Artists, Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh.

‘Floating in the sea
You and me
To the sky you flew
But I will wait for you’

Floating - II -  A Blogpost

Upon arrival you can choose to float around on either an umbrella, which are available on the ground and by clicking on them you will float away – or by hanging onto a balloon. The balloons already float, so it requires some zooming and clicking. I’ve tried both, of course, and it is a fun way to have a look around the installation. Completely in white and with a foggy atmosphere Floating is a cool experience.

Floating - III - A Blogpost

Speaking of experiences, there is also the option to participate in a shooting game of sorts, on the landing spot you can opt to enable ‘experiences’ and off you go. I have not tried that out, simply because I know I am terrible in shooting games and didn’t feel like to be send home within 1 minute of my arrival!

Floating - IV - A Blogpost

Besides floating around by balloon or umbrella you can also walk (or fly) around and discover the so called ‘easter eggs’. Funny and clever items and situations you might not expect. I will not ruin the surprise, it is more fun to find them yourself. OK…one of them is Donald Trump in handcuffs. You are warned!

Floating - I - A Blogpost

The pictures I took are all taken in the region windlight, to show the ambiance as it was meant. It is a cool place, go see it: Floating!


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  1. fantastic post as always!

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