Summer is coming, not only in real life, but of course also in Second Life – which usually means a lot of locations are turning into beaches and more often than not: tropical. I do not particularly love tropical destinations, so I am always pleasantly surprised to find places to get that summer feeling without palm trees.

Oboeru - II - A blogpost

Oboeru is one of those places, though not specifically a summer land (depending on the windlight you use), it is land surrounded by water and there are beaches of sorts. A beautiful place to walk around and take pictures of spots you discover along the way! It feels like an abandoned island, with some debris here and there – making you wonder what happened and…where did everybody go?

Oboeru - III - A blogpost

Alas, the  land information gives a short answer : ‘We don’t owe anyone an explanation’.

But that is okay, just take your camera with you and go visit Oboeru!

Oboeru - I - A blogpost


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