The Valley of the Pondering Eggs

Yes, you read that right: Pondering Eggs. In a valley. That is where I spent my Monday night and it was lovely!

The Valley of the Pondering Eggs (A) is an installation by Num Bing-Howlett and Clifton Howlett, the creators of the Empire of Dreaming Books a while ago.

The Valley of Pondering Eggs - IV - Blogpost

The Pondering Eggs are huge, well…eggs. Sitting in a desert. They apparently ponder all the time and also buzz and hum, and if you are lucky they will send you a message. I was lucky, I think, as one of the eggs told me I smelled funny.

The Valley of Pondering Eggs - III - Blogpost

The notecard, provided on landing, says:

There are theories on how they came to be here,
but no one knows the exact origin.
Some believe that they were laid by a giant primeval bird,
and some from another world.

These eggs are of the highest intelligence in all of Zamonia.
They communicate thru telepathy and by emitting
sympathetic waves to the local vegetation.

Near the eggs you can find the Tree of the Recognizable Nut.
The nuts from this tree serve as a direct speaker for the eggs,
by passing on messages thru the emitted waves.

This makes the area a destination for Druids &
the intellectuals of Zamonian.

The Valley of Pondering Eggs - II - Blogpost

The desert is as a desert should be, at least in my mind. Mostly sand and the occasional cactus. But there is more! If you take the time to explore and walk around a bit, you will find a portal. This portal leads you to two destinations; the Hidden Lakes (on another region) and the Catacombs of Zamonia (on the same region). I’ve walked through the catacombs and wished I had not worn my high heels, as it is quite a maze of tunnels. Tunnels filled with bookcases and books! Luckily there are plenty of spots to sit and give your feets some rest!

The Valley of Pondering Eggs - I - Blogpost

Put on your sensible shoes, grab a bottle of water and enjoy The Valley of Pondering Eggs!

(and don’t forget to add your pictures to their Flickr Group!


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