Do Over

Every Wednesday the Blogger and Vlogger Network offers a new challenge, a Humpday Challenge as they call it, with a theme to inspire everyone into creating a photo. While not every theme may suit you, a lot of them are fun to do. It’s not a competition, but simple fun!

This weeks challenge is called “Do Over: reshoot one of your first ever photographs and see how much you have improved!”

So I went through my Flickr and found one of the first images I actually posed for, taken in 2010. From 2007 till 2010 I took the occasional snapshot, but never really posed (it took me a year to discover you could actually buy poses for that purpose?!). My Second Life in the first years was about working in casino’s and katana fighting.
Anyway, I posed in 2010 with, of course a katana – and I think I took this picture right after an all night tournament or capture-the-flag fight. The sim I stood on was our own clan sim, I did the landscaping, and yeah…this image brought back some good memories.

Yeah, look at me being totally 2010 badass!

Time for a ‘do over’! Not only did I improve in taking pics, but the whole of Second Life improved of course. The mesh body, the mesh outfit, the mesh and bento everything, so much nicer landscaping items, EEP, DoF …etc.

It was fun recreating this old picture, and…..yes: I am carrying the same katana sword! Some things are too precious to delete from inventory, right?

If you are out of inspiration or just in the mood for some photo fun, check the BVN website for their weekly challenge! And no, you do not have to be a ‘blogger’ to participate!

Don’t forget to add your photo to their Flickrgroup and add the hashtag #BVNBloggerChallenge wherever you post your photo e.g. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc.!

Happy challenge everyone!


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