Underneath my skirt

Since mesh got implemented this week, I am all excited and have tried on as much as I could afford. Oh yes, it is sure another excuse for some shopping trips!

Anyway, what is good to know: mesh cannot be edited/modified. Basically you wear a mesh-prim, which has to come with an alphalayer to make the parts of your avatar invisible on which you wear the mesh-clothing. The piece of clothing has the shape of your avatar already in it, therefore giving it the impression a skirt moves along with your legs.
The shocking truth is: I have no legs underneath my mesh-skirt. Argh! It’s all …gone ‘there’….Oh well, a small sacrifice to look good eh?

To illustrate it, see pic:

The skirt is from Jane and comes in 4 shapes – so you need to find out which of the 4 suits your original shape best. In my case, the ‘fair’ shape looks most like my own pixelbutt.
I strongly recommend you to, if you want to buy a mesh-outfit, try on the demo first to see if you are happy  with the shapes provided. I was lucky enough, I did not need to change my shape to fit this skirt, but in some cases one may need to – as you cannot modify the clothing.

Jane has a very nice collection of mesh clothing, all with demo’s, and if you are not already switched over to Viewer 3.0, or any other mesh-compatible viewer, I would say: do it…try it… I love it!
Yay to: no more butts and knees sticking out of your skirts, no more glitch pants!

Sitting without skirt sticking up in the air!

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