Thanks to my travels in Second Life, I am (almost) never bored in quiet weekends as this! Most of my SL friends are offline in the weekends, to spend time in this thing called Real Life. Me? I don’t have much going on in there, so I click  the teleport-button and fly around in cyberspace :).




This time it made me end up in a mystical place called Valhal. At the landing point you will find a nice dance floor with some slowdances and a magnificent view on the huge castle, that has a tower reaching up in the clouds.


Landingpoint with dancefloor


To reach the castle (by foot, not fly – it will make you miss the nice details!) you have to walk through a misty forest! Really cool!


Spooky forest

In the sea there are ships and shripwrecks and the whole place has a bit of a Viking-atmosphere. It’s a cool place to wander around and if you are in a romantic mood with a loved one, there are slow-danceballs all over the place! I just walked around, being alone as usual, and enjoyed the scenery.



Amazing statues in front of the Castle

One of the most amazing things: two huge statues in front of the entrance of the castle! Super!


(Inside the castle you will find a shop, EMO-tions, that sells fantasy outfits)

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