Doomed Ship

Having read about Doomed Ship a couple of times and after seeing some fabulous photo’s of it, I tp’d to this sim curious and kind of in the mood for some sci-fi environment.

Doomed Ship is a roleplay sim, so I was happy to be there almost alone (spotted some green dots on the minimap, but I stayed away from them, not wanting to interrupt their game) to look around. At the landing point you can get more information about the sort of roleplay, but as I am not a roleplayer I skipped that part.

Walking around, opening doors and taking the elevator to different levels, it really felt as I was walking in a doomed space ship! Great details – it’s absolutely worth a visit!

"Old Nuclear Room"
"Command Deck" - seems the Commander did not make it...
"Control Deck" Screens appear when touched!

I skipped the ‘Crew Deck” because there were roleplayers being  busy, so I will have to go back for more pics soon!

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  1. bee says:

    oh, love love love the doomed ship! the atmosphere there is incredible. the lighting, the sounds(!) the visuals. amazing. it’s quite intense just walking around there in mouselook, exploring. looking forward to more pics! thanks for blogging about the doomed ship, caitlin, i have made a note to visit again as soon as possible.

  2. hi bee! It is amazing! Indeed the sounds…hehehe, I will go back too, have not seen all of it yet ;)

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