Mech Combat

Mech. Yeah, those HUGE robots, they always remind me a bit of the Transformers, but they are completely different. Or so I am told.

Anyways, for some strange reasons…Ratt and I ended up in the Mainstore of MCM Combat Operations. A high-tech facility where you can get all sorts of Mech avatars and accessories. I am not so much into Mech, but Ratt got all excited and got himself a machine. Heh.

While he went into battle, I sat at the bar in the shop and watched Mechs coming and going, it is obviously very popular! Admitting, the avatars look amazing and the sounds they produce are pretty cool!

I have no idea how the battlefields look like, as they have rules: no human avatars allowed – so if you are interested in that, the only way is to get yourself a Mech and give it a try :).

One of the many vendor walls in the MCM store
Ratt transformed into an impressive Mech


Entrance to the battefields

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