Violator HQ

When I wrote in an earlier post that sadly my NDN Violator hair is not available in SL anymore, Argus was so sweet to point out a store called Violator HQ and suggested my  hairstyle might be there!

So, off I went to that shop! It’s not the same creator as my NDN Hair though, I think ‘violator’ in my hair is the name of the type – the original shop was NDN (Nebuchadnezzar). But…..Violator HQ is an amazing shop that sells Extreme Haute Couture, very cool hair and wonderful jewelry, so I am happy Argus gave me the LM anyway! (mwah for Argus).

The shop is under construction, so it’s basically a floor with posters on it, but that is not at all important! The best thing is the variety of wonderful outfits, extravaganza all over the place :)

Not really outfits for Androids, but hey…I still got humans in my inventory..hehehe! So I bought ‘swim – lingerie’ for the human Caity, changed avatar  and went to a tropical beach to show it off and make some pics! What a lovely way to spend my Sunday-morning!

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  1. I love their stuff too but have yet to fork out the money for any. I was eyeing the swimsuits too.. trying to figure out which one I liked best. Your choice is great!

  2. Hiya Argus! Oh yes….the prices…ehm, it’s indeed not the cheapest shop in town…LOL!
    The swim-lingerie (love that name) I got was ….600 LS or something, but oh well, I just had to have it!

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