Hair Fair 2011

Yeah, finally it opened, the Hair Fair 2011 (G). FOUR sims filled with hairshops that have demo’s of their latest creations.

Hair heaven……and Lag hell (as all fairs and huge events, so that’s not new). Anyway, the charity of choice of this year is Wigs for Kids, so shopping at the Hair Fair is supporting a good cause as well. In case you feel guilty about a shopping spree.

To lower the lag, there is a special Hair Fair Low Lag/prim outfit available for free at the landing point, following the beachstyle of the sims. It’s a short, top, socks and a hairbase and it’s pretty funny to walk around and see clones of yourself shopping and trying demo’s. Of course I got the outfit too and blended in..hehe.

I have not seen it all yet, I crashed a couple of times and gave up…but I will for sure go back, the Hair Fair runs through 15 July!

More information about how to minimize lag and lists of creators can be found on the Hair Fair’s blog.

Shopping in the Hair Fair outfit!
Demo’s, I love them!
The Beach theme is pretty cool!
W&Y newest demo….I think I want this hair!

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  1. W&Y is my long time favourite, I go to their mainstore at least once per month to check it out and most of my hair is from them :p.
    I am one of the few that just does not dig Truth…O.o…

    But yeah, I will go back to the hairfair….and will certainly blog about it :)

    1. Haha, I suppose that’s how a lot of people think. I know how immensely popular Truth is, but nope..I have tried it a couple of times, but for some reason it just does not suit me :).

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