Hair Fair 2011 : The Watermelon and The Ants…

Last night, after some nice spars with Ratt and chats with Miko I decided to give it another go at the Hair Fair, hoping it would be a bit less crowded. Well no it was not…haha!

Without seeing any hair – I rubberbanded all over the sims – I ended up on a huge picnicblanket (and sorry, I have no clue on which sim…), with a gigantic watermelon and supersized ants…besides that it looked good, it was also a spot with nice poses, so I amused myself a bit and even dared to push my graphics to highest and enable the realtime shadows (including depth of field). It made me even slower than before, but I managed to take some silly pics and had a good time!

This watermelon is as heavy as it looks!
Trying to climb up the basket…
Yay, I made it!

(Oh and to be fair: this set is great to take grouppics, as there are lots of poseballs. I photoshopped those out of mine, as I was alone and I don’t like un-used poseballs in sight on photo’s :))


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