A Sunday at the beach: Bora Bora

Sunday morning, it’s another cloudy and rather dull day in RL, so much for Dutch summers…sigh!

Luckily there is the perfect way to spend some time on a tropical, sunny beach in SL! Hence, off I went to Bora Bora – one of those destinations I would love to visit in real life, but will have to settle for the virtual version.

Bora Bora is a beautiful, tropical place (2 sims), where you can windsurf, jet ski, swim or just (like me) show off your latest fashionable beachwear. Well, to be honest there was nobody there, so I did not really got to show off my outfit, but it’s the idea that counts!

Also, being all by myself I did not really feel like being active in watersports, maybe I will go back for that another time. I think this is a lovely location to hang out with a group of friends and have some fun with jet skies and all!

The bikini I am wearing is from [LeeZu], Boho Bikini – Pink, and it comes with the flower attachment and a sarong.

Finally I found flip-flops (with feet) that match with my skin! These are Maitreya Gold *Flip-Flops*, they are managed by a HUD to change the nail colour and the skin colour. I was happy to find my skin (Belleza Elle Fair) in the included notecard with colour-codes, so for the first time I now have matching bare feet! Yay! Also, there are 3 kinds of (optional) ankle bracelets – the ones on the pics are ”Strings and Beads”. Although I am not a fan of ankle bracelets, I need to wear them as they cover the transition of the feet and my leg :). Unfortunately, the toe-rings cannot be removed. Oh well, I like the feet enough to not be too bothered!

Now, where is my suntan lotion?!

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