Leave Your Hat On – aDORKable!

Monday afternoon I was looking for a nice spot to make some pictures of my new hair, via all kind of teleports I wandered into the main store of aDORKable Poses. No idea how that happened, but it must have been a lucky shot because I immediately fell for the poses “Leave Your Hat On” and just had to buy them!

This pose however, made my search for a suitable location for a (what started as a simple hair) photo shoot a bit more challenging, as I had in mind to just wear my hotpants and use the hat to cover my boobs – meaning I had to go to an Adult region (because I am a good girl and don’t want to get in trouble for flashing my naked pixels-boobies in the wrong place…).

I found a lovely romantic sim ‘Isle of Tranquility’ (A) where only a silent couple was dancing romantically under a palm-tree. I flew around a bit and landed on a flower meadow near the sea, perfect!

Played with some skysettings and chose ‘Torleys Foggy Rose Tinted’ for these pics.

Oooh…almost forgot what it was all about!
The hair : Lelutka Inverted – Iron Hotcake.

The rest….:
Glasses : Paper Couture ‘Luxe Glasses  – Tortoise’
Pants: [LeeZu] – ‘Glitter Pants – Black’
Nails: Maia Gasparini – ‘Hello Dave Colour Choice Sculpted Nails’

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I thought I had just recently been to your site but I guess it has been a week or so? Nice changes!

    Love the poses & pics! No topless robot shots?

    So now I have to figure out how to post comments!
    L — used to be S.R.

    1. Hiya L!
      I did a make-over of this blog last Friday :) And today I switched to a new, own, domain! The old adress will be redirected for a while, so it should all work. I just thought it would be cool to have ‘ http://www.caitlintobias.com‘ after a year of blogging – I think I will keep doing it anyway!
      The Android will pose soon, it is just easier to find good stuff for humans most of the times, so I change av’s back and forth !
      Comments, I did not change those options as far as I know? Or maybe it did in the this CSS..you can always use the Guest-Button!

  2. Ciat, there is a new Hair Fair Photo Contest too. Here is link to the Flickr Group. http://www.flickr.com/groups/hairfair2011photocontestii/

    The prizes are very cool ..rather Adorkable;-)

    1. Ooh! That looks like a fun one too…Oh my, I never did contests and now I am thinking about the second one in a week…uh oh!

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