Back to The Cornfield!

Last October Linden Lab opened their famous Cornfield to the public, to celebrate Halloween. I wrote a blog post about it, because it was pretty special to visit this legendary place.

I was supposed to be open for a limited time, but to my delight I saw the Cornfield mentioned in the Destination Guide as a Second Life Origin, so I went to take a look this morning and yeaahhhh….CORN….4 sims of CORN!


Still decorated for Halloween, but still worth a visit and very nice for photo shoots!


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Think we can get Pep and some others down there for a group photo? lol ;-)

    1. Oh, now there’s a thought! Hehe. I am all for it!

  2. We must come up with a plan…or I suppose we could just ask. ;-)

  3. I blogged ya, btw.

    1. Awww.. thanks :)))

  4. My pleasure.

  5. Pep says:

    I’m on for it.

    Pep (Maybe we could sell the photos to the Forum Confidential blog)

  6. I love that idea!

  7. Alright, you two. Where’s the PepCorn pic?

    1. I am ready…..the problem is to get Pep dressed in that lovely green gown….

  8. Green gown? Egads!

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