Combat and pictures

Last night we were delighted to see some members of ImperiuM returned to our dojo, as this is still a slow time and lots of people are on vacation.

Being all a bit rusty, we did some groupfights (or FFA) just for the heck of it. Kill and be killed. Die and stand up. Good times.

After an hour of non-stop fighting I took a break and tried to make some nice pictures of Ratt, Gihn, Rayne and Luni who were still fighting. It’s always tricky and a decent actionshot is usually a matter of luck. I did not have luck…so the pics are bit odd. Oh well, I blame the animations of the swords!

Ratt and Luni - interesting attack...

Gihn and Luni try to kill – or at least damage – Ratt
Rayne tries to hurt Ratt

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  1. Hah! We have been doing paintball at a sim.. guys vs girls or blue vs red. I think Farr got some video but am not sure. Fighting is fun and a good workout for eye-hand stuff.

  2. Heh yes, nothing beats an evening of killing and some blood!

  3. Ratt says:

    hi people call me Ratt for that is my name. I can’t be killed by normal means, I am the light that keeps them coming!

  4. Ratt says:

    Um, feel free to drop by anytime for lessons, classes, gospel according to Ratt. Everyone Fights, no one quits. The Group is open for enrollment

    1. Gihn says:

      Aaaand..u can kill Gihn as a bonus !! XD

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