Gotta love n00bs!

This weekend was total chaos in ImperiuM Island! It sort of started Friday evening, when we were having some groupfights and had a n00b or 3-5 running around and standing in appearance-mode in the middle of the combat zone (heh). It happens, we thought, and continued our fights around them, occasionally kicking one in the butt just because we can and because it is pretty harmless (you can only kill or damage someone who wears a sword with our C:si combat system anyway).

Saturday when I logged back in I found myself in our, usually empty on Saturday morning, dojo surrounded by…..n00bs. I mean…15- 20 new residents..sitting and running EVERYWHERE!

A quick look in the Destination Guide explained it somehow, apparently Linden Lab had read my mail I sent ages ago, to get us listed as an Editor’s Pick. I had no idea if they are open to suggestions, but gave it a try. Never heard back and kind of forgot about it. Ahem!
A couple of hours later, a new arrival told me he got to our sim via the login screen, as this is a ‘featured destination’….well, that was new to me!! I relogged to see the login screen (in V2) and yeah……..The ImperiuM Katana is featured upon login!

This explains the 225 visitors on Saturday and the 184 on Sunday. Not all at once of course, but they just kept on coming in! Clueless, helpless and in some cases rude and impolite. The most though: lovely!

With help from Gihn and Lunita we sent off some people to NCI and Help Islands to get them to learn a bit of basics (it is impossible to help so  many n00bs!) and the not-n00bs that used the destination guide and login screen we had some nice chats with, maybe even some new members!

I must admit, yes it is super cool and fun  – and lovely to meet new people, but this influx of visitors is new to us and I would have preferred a message from LL to ‘warn’us…LOL.

Anyway, I am VERY proud LL has featured us; it means our builds, sim and group is appreciated, so we will continue to meet and greet all new visitors!


Question for my readers…..We currently send the really helpless ones to NCI and Help People Island, but if you got any suggestions for other good newbie-friendly places that offer help and support for new residents, I am all open for it! We do our best, but lets face it: we are a Katana school and are not really equipped,  nor do we have time,  to help new residents with all their questions regarding Second Life….

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  1. Hahaha! Yeah, it is kinda funny….when you are not circled by noobs – have your IM filled with random friendship offers – flying saucers allover the combatzone – robots – polkadot dresses (yup, they still exist!) and a variety of foreign languages on your screen!

    Nah, I am not complaining! We kicked and banned maybe 4 out of all those people and those were real griefers (not new accounts even) and I think we have helped some getting started. As I would like to say: the n00b of today…..can be the katanafighter with a sword of tomorrow!
    But gawd……a little warning would have been nice, I am worn out!!

  2. Oooh, and to be honest..I was so freakin’ busy….I had NO time to make pics!! Gawd!!

  3. Hi Sylvia, thanks
    Yeah, we are in the ‘regular’ destination guide since a year, so that is kind of settled down, but this…..featured on login screen and being an Editor’s Pick…wow!!!! Amazing how many ppl apparently use it!!
    Thanks btw, I am inworld and see you gave me stuff….lol!!! Am multitasking like a mad thing!

  4. Congrats and boy do I know how you feel. The hardest part is getting them to communicate with V2/V3 being typed chat strange .. I do have some multi-language notecards but they tell you how to dance;-) I often send them to places where their native language is spoken. I search a specific language and find the best location to speak in their mother tongue then post the url in chat. Good luck!

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