A Meshy Tourist

Having a day off from work gave me some time to play tourist in Second Life, something I really enjoy!
For the occasion I dressed very casual, in a kind of pants I would NEVER EVER wear in real life…. bag filled with snacks and drinks, off I went to visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge!

The weather was lovely (gotta love windlightsettings) and there was no one around, so I could take the time to make some pictures as a real tourist is supposed to do!

Pants: Varvara Mesh Baggy pants gray – by Spirit
Sweater: Ju Sweater Rose – by NV Madworld


One Comment Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    It will be nice once the majority of residents are using a mesh viewer. I cannot leave my home in mesh for fear I will appear as if I am wearing an egg on my tummy or head.
    BTW, I love your photos on the bridge! I have been to that sim and tend to take photos set to night. Perhaps because all of the times I walked on that bridge in RL, it was daylight.

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