What a shame!

This weekend I got dissapointed, really! A couple of days ago I visited this awewome, lovely, cartoonish sim and made pics and all, ready to blog about it as I found it very worthwhile to visit.

Today (well, and last night) I could not teleport to the place to copy a SLURL for my post – it said : destination is not available (or something like that). Oh well, that happens, specially with rolling restarts and all these days! Anyways, just now I was finally able to teleport to Elsewhere (the name of the place) only to find out it is no longer the lovely destination it was just a couple of days ago. It is all for rent and a plain sim with rentboxes. Meh.

I know, I know….places come and go…but sometimes it is really disheartening. As in this case.

So, I am going to post the pics I made there…knowing you cannot go and see for yourself, but it was just so lovely!

All gone......:(

Bye bye...sweet sharkie.....

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