Linden Realms now open for everybody!

On 11 november I blogged about a new game in SL, Linden Realms, which was at that time brandnew and only available for premium accounts. I did not get it at all and never really played it.

Since this week the Linden Realms are open to all residents, so if you like to do quests, getting chased by RockMonsters, picking up Crystals and avoid falling rock..then you really should give it a try! I played it tonight (for hours!) and enjoyed it a lot.
You can play it with friends I suppose, but you hardly have time to chat or stand about as you have to keep moving from quest to quest :).

I am not going to spoil it and tell you what to do, just this: set yourself to always run and if you are familiar with the use of Mouselook (esc +M) use it! When you die, you resurrect at special locations and if you want to stop playing, simply detach the HUD (it will Auto-attach when you enter) – you will be teleported home.

Yay, out of reach of RockMonsters!
Forest , with Sun Spire Tower (a nasty one!)
Finished a Quest and got paid in Linden Dollars!

Really great fun, go try it!

I have some more snapsnots I took during my Quests on my SL Profile Feed!

Linden Realms Public Portals: click here
Linden Realms Portals in premium sandboxes:  click here

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