Realm of Mystara

Oh my…another ‘realm’! The one I visited today however, is completely different from the Linden Realms…

I went to explore The Realm of Mystara. It is a RP sim (or several sims I think) in a Medieval-Fantasy setting and inhabited by clans of Fairies and such. So, if you decide to go have a look, which I can recommend because it is a beautiful photogenic place, be sure to read and abide to their rules. You will find those on the landing point and on their website.

Since I am not a roleplayer but a visitor, I dutifully wore the ‘observer tag’ and dug up a kind of medieval dress to blend in while running around and for when I ran into someone. I had the mini-map open, so I could avoid the groups of green dots…not that I am anti-social, but I always take care of not to interfere in other people’s roleplay.

It is really worth a visit, the place is more than lovely! So many hidden and secluded spots with amazing details. A joy to explore and play with your windlightsettings!


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  1. Amazing isn’t it. The funny thing is: it is NOT photoshopped at all! Well, I only added my ‘frame’ and signature…..It is really as I saw it, but now I can’t remember the windlightsetting I used.
    Will send you a copy inworld, in case you really want to hang it somewhere :p

  2. Venus says:

    You sometimes give the best leads on interesting places, Caity. I think that I have a historical type medieval-type gown to wear. I love the shot of the bird–so realistic looking!

    1. Venus says:

      The bird is a heron, I think.

      1. Ah, a Heron. I know the bird in Dutch – of course (it is a ‘Reiger’) I have one sitting on my (RL) deck all the time, luring for innocent fish and I ‘shooo..shooo’ it away, because its em…dinner-remains ruin my terrace!

        Thanks for the compliments :))

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