Cocoon: Turtles & Elephants!

This morning I visited Cocoon. Although I think I have been there before, apparently the place is redecorated, as everything was new to me!
As you may know, or if you didn’t then you know now!, I have a preference for bright, colourful and shiny places. Yeah, I enjoy the occasional gothic or dark themed place as well, but for some reason I am always attracted to ‘more is more’ colours and weird stuff!

Cocoon is definately in that last category….YAY! It is bright, shiny and I met amazing Turtles and Elephants!
There are intan couple dance-balls allover the place, and other pose/animations (most for couples) so it is a great place for some crazy pics or a dance in surreality!

Rock the boat!
An Elephant with wings, why not?
Where are my shades?!

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