:) BCC. A.Must.Visit.

When I am exploring I use the Destination Guide mostly, tips and LM’s from my.secondlife.com and of course I read blogs of fellow explorers! This afternoon I checked Ziki Questi’s blog, one of my favourites, and saw her blogpost about :) BCC which immediately made me login because I wanted to see this in the pixel!

Ziki already said it….it is breathtaking. Really. I cannot add more, if you like to take pictures in SL, this wonderful sim is a must. I took some, but will surely go back for more! That said, even if you are not into SL photography, you want to go there anyway – to admire it!
The sim is also the home of :)BCC’s mainstore, clothing, and also worth to drop by and have a look, they have a nice collection of female clothes!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ôoooooo pretty …must visit:-)

  2. Ziki Questi says:

    Isn’t it lovely? I keep taking more photos. :-)

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