The Garden

This morning I visited The Garden, while having my morning coffee to wake up. Always my favourite way to start a lazy Sunday: fresh coffee and some exploring!

The Garden is a new sim, and it is not just a garden but rather a game, as far as I understood a kind of Quest-like game for which you need to purchase a HUD (at landingpoint, there is also a DemoHUD!). I may give it a try later, together with Sy perhaps.
Anyway, you do not have to play the game, you can also just wander around and enjoy this beautiful environment, it is really lovely for taking pics or just relax, just like I did this morning!

Now, I am not the first (and probably not the last!) blogger to post about The Garden, you may want to read Inara Pey’s post on the game and Honour McMillan’s post with some wonderful images as well, and lets not forget the blog of Grace, as I understood she is one of the creators!


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  1. Grace says:

    Thanks for dropping by Caitlin – love the photos!

    1. It was my pleasure Grace, thanks for creating such a wonderful place in SL for all to enjoy! :))

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