The Girl From Outerspace

So, this morning while sipping my coffee on my last day off this year, I browsed on the marketplace for some lingerie. Then a mesh avatar caught my eye and before I knew it..I bought it. A Girl from Outerspace….she is not cheap but worth every Linden Dollar. She comes with two HUDs, to change her skin colour, the nails, lips, lashes and you can even remove the skull part and let her brain get some air…..

I love her! I did not change a lot, only the colour of her nails and lips, her skin I left untouched as I like the ‘porcelain’ look.

Girl from outerspace_002

Girl from outerspace_001

She is great for roleplay I guess, but I just love the arty-side and had a lot of fun making pics. Not sure how the pig felt about her though…

Girl from outerspace_003

This gorgeous avatar is from JOMO and …they have a very handsome male version too!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isabelli Anatine says:

    hahaha poor little pig!

  2. colleen Criss says:

    This avatar is amazing , yes, but what is more amazing is how fabulous your photography of her is!

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