Let me make this clear: I will never be a true ‘rockchick’. Not in SL and not in RL. No matter how hard I try.

Have I ever tried? Oooh hell yes! In real life! But…nope, not my thing. To the, maybe, disappointment of my Dad.

My Dad is a rocker and a biker. He lives for (Dutch, as he does not speak any other language) rockmusic and riding his Harley Davidson on endless roads, all over Europe. It is his passion, his drive. Ever since my Mom passed away and he sold his business, he is living his dream. Touring Europe when starting from home, and touring the rest of the world having his precious Harley shipped.

Now, how cool is that really? To just do what you always dreamed of? He is doing it. It means, however, he is always away and ‘busy doing stuff serious Harley-riders do’ and even though we have a somewhat troubled and difficult relationship – being so different in so many ways – I admire my Dad to no end.
Right now he is touring across Greece and Turkey on (oh duuuuh) his Harley with his club. It, at times makes me giggle: a bunch of senior citizens of a certain age, on absurd expensive Harley’s touring around, feeling all “born to be wild”…Haha, yah, that’s my Dad!

He called me this afternoon,  to say all was okay and cool and they were having a blast and they will probably be back ‘sometime in May, unless they find another nice tour’….Yay Dad! Rock on, drive on, be safe, enjoy! My Dad has always worked his ass off AND took care of my Mom AND my sister and me. He is living his dream, with a new wife who is his perfect rockchick.

Me? I will dress up as one in SL and pretend I can be one. And tomorrow I will go to work in RL, dressed up all business like and spend my day online, managing online shit…while Dad tours the Greek roads on his precious Harley, being the Kind of the Road. It makes me smile so big!


Oh and..while writing this blogpost, I listened to my Dad’s favourite Dutch rockband ( I have been to a couple of their live shows – accompanying him) for me horror…but hey, Dad, this one is for you! OEREND HARD!


My dress is from Delirious style, the pose and prop are from Glitterati


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