Hazardous and the Sea Anemone

This afternoon I spent a lot of time in a wonderful place called Hazardous. Since this is such a photogenic place, it has been covered a few times by bloggers and photographers – with the most awesome pictures – and that is not surprising!
So for my blog I didn’t do a full round of landscapes or detailed pictures, but simply enjoyed it and got inspired to wear the Sea Anemone Dress from Boudoir (don’t ask why, I just felt like it), while listening to Mermaids from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Yes it was one of those afternoons filled with randomness and extremely relaxing!




For some more about this great place, I recommend Ziki‘s blogpost and Venus Petrov’s Flickr. They have been there and inspired me to go and have a look myself, and they made wonderful photo’s! And of course I say: go visit Hazardous and enjoy!


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  1. Venus Petrov says:

    Well, it makes perfect sense you would be inspired to wear that lovely dress. The place is surrounded by sea!

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