I could be your Bunny

Today I spend mostly sniffing and coughing, fighting a nasty cold that has been haunting me for ages now. I blame my collegues and the office in general, as it seems it is one of those colds/flu’s that just keeps on making its rounds and hitting everyone, every couple of weeks, again and again!

So, I installed myself with a box of tissues, fresh orange juice, coughing sweets, syrup and all that kind of stuff that is supposed to make you feel better., and hopped inworld for some distraction.
I tried to get in the Easter spirit, and found a wonderful (partially mesh) outfit from Boudoir,  to dress me up as a real sexy Easter Bunny, I may even wear this Friday-night to Ambrosia!

Ah, by the way,  the title of this blogpost is not a general invitation! I had this sentence in my head, as completely wrong and messed up lyrics from a song by the Black Eyed Peas – My Humps, which I was listening to while making these pics. A song I have had as ringtone on my mobile for ages, and still have on my iPod. But yeah, this Bunny will wiggle her lil tail for her honey :P.


Pics shot on location: Alirium



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