No hurry

Thanks to Venus, who pointed me to the blog of Neva Crystall in which Neva announced the “Neva River Photography Challenge”, entries to be submitted in the special Flickr-group. I like challenges like these, and specially this one as Neva River is a wonderful sim (see my blog post from earlier this week) and this gave me the excuse – as if I need one – to go back and explore some more!

It is so hard! There are so many, too many, wonderful spots, details, panoramic views and whatnot…….It made me dizzy!

But, inspired by some personal recent events and being it the weekend, I came up with this entry (just click it for a larger version).

Rivers Know

If you are into SL Photography, or just like exploring great places….go have a look. The contest closes 29th of March, and the sim will probably be closed by then too (as it is, after all Neva’s private home!).


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