Can’t get enough!

I can’t get enough of exploring the Fantasy Faire 2013 sims, and that’s why I am so happy the opening is extended with a day – so it will not close today…but will be open tomorrow as well! There are so many things I want to see again, explore some more, have a closer look,  take pictures of before it is gone!

On one hand I think it is such a shame all those beautiful place will be gone soon, on the other hand..that is maybe why it is so special and so easy to enjoy it!

Today I flew around several sims, having a good time and did not even take that many pics! I admit I like dressing up as an elf of some sort and this afternoon I bought a gorgeous dress from The Muses, on Marketplace…The Muses have a shop on the Crimson Field sim, with wonderful gowns – but not this one I am showing in this post, you can find it here.

What I got on the Faire today was this lovely necklace from Star Design, to be found on the Evensong Woods sim, where I also took these pics, using the poses of Musa!:



The nice thing about this gown is, it is made of  two parts mesh (an under-dress/skirt and a kirtle) and clothing-layer (shirt and glitch-pants), so you can choose how much body you wish to show…..:)



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  1. Dante Mikado says:

    Lovely pix, as usual, Caity. The bottom one, full view, is particularly fetching. :)

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