Sleepless Nights

Ah no…not a blogpost about my sleepless nights or insomnia! Sleepless Nights is a great place, the home sim for the mainstores of Usher and Fiction&Chaos and worth a visit.

It is a watery sim, with not much on it, but sometimes less is indeed more and the few buildings make it chique and photogenic! Good for at least an hour of photo-fun!

sleepless nights_001sleepless nights_002sleepless nights_003


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  1. Uccello says:

    Some of your best photos yet! I’m going to steal all your Windlight and water settings.

    1. Oooh, good that you mention that Uccie…I really should post what I used. They are not so special though, I usually use the availabe Windlights that are in Firestorm (I also copied those to my LL Viewer btw, so I have them all in all viewers), I am too lazy to create my own….
      The Water, I always use : ‘Glassy’ and then I set the quality of the water to : ‘life like’ (that is an option in Phototools of Firestorm) and reflections to ‘everything’..
      I take the pics in 4000×2000 px to harddisk and then resize them in photoshop to 1800×1000, that is why they are so sharp.

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