The Making Of: Shopping with N00bs!

Those of you who follow my profile feed have no doubt seen my adventures with n00bs. I love the n00b! They provide hours of fun and entertainment and they are one of the reasons I never get bored when inworld.
The past days I received a few (no, not hundreds – I am not that popular!) questions on how I made them ‘do’ all those things….So here is the big secret of ‘how to have fun with a n00b, without hurting anyone’ !

First of all, you need the n00b! It is not an avatar, but an object. Yes, I am aware I am now disappointing lots of people, but: no real new residents are harmed in my adventures! I bought my noobs for free on MP a few years back, from Art Laxness. Alas, I have tried to find them on MP but no such luck, I am afraid he has taken them off the MP.
However, they are free and with full permissions and in the notecard that I got in the pack Art specifically mentions that he hopes people will share them. So, if you want one (you can rez and copy as many as you need), just let me know and I will be happy to drop one in your inventory!

When you have your n00b, you have to think of a ‘scene’. That is for me always the easy part, in fact…I never give it much thought, the ideas just pop in my head as I go along, often (well mostly) very random!
With the scene in mind, you may also need a pose and some props, depending on what you are going to do. In this blogpost I will show and tell what I used for todays shopping-trip:

* A fabulous outfit for myself, in this case a dress by Fellini Coutures, incl. hat and shoes from GOS.
* Poses + shoppingbags from Glitterati, still available on MP: the Shopaholic-set!
* Two n00bs
* A place where you can rez for a while, I always go to a sandbox as I am not a good builder/editor and it is safer if I do not do this at home (it would not be the first time I would link a n00b to some trees or accidentally delete parts of the house….ahem).
* Think of a nice location where you want to take the picture when you are ready for it (it is not important to have building rights there, that will become clear in the rest of this post :)).

As said, I am not a builder, so my explanation will be a bit brief as my skills are limited but hey..this means if I can do it, you can do it too!

I always start with finding the right pose for myself, and while in pose I rez two noobs. Via edit mode, edit linked parts, I coloured their t-shirts green for this occasion and after that I lined them up as I had in mind. Then I rez the shoppingbags and move them in position to their hands. These particular shoppingbags have a colour menu, so of course I matched them!

(Note: click on the images to view the larger version)

making of noob_002

When the n00bs are in the correct position including the shopping-bags, I link all this together, making it thus one big object!

making of noob_003

So, the hardest part is done! Now, I wanted to make a picture of me shopping with my guys in a fancy shopping-street, in this case I went to Mayfair – the gorgeous home sim of Mon Tissue and Celoe, but of course I have no building rights over there. In order to still take my n00bs with me, I wear them as an attachment. Simply right click them, select: put on, attach, other, and in my case I always choose: avatar center.
Voila..I am now wearing my guys. They will, when you do this the first time, appear on a weird spot or allover you. No worries: just right click them again and move them in the wanted position (while you are in your pose!).

making of noob_001

Now I am all ready to go on a shopping trip to Mayfair.

An important note though: I do not want to disturb other people, nor do I wish to land on innocent shoppers with my whole entourage……so I always check the worldmap first to see if the coast is clear, so to speak. It is, in my opinion, also NOT a good idea to do this at large events or  clubs and such!

Anyways, this is the endresult, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!



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  1. Uccello says:

    Sometimes when I see your pix with n00bs I have to check if I’m looking at your feed or the feed of my friend Ever. She often makes the same sorts of pictures. I don’t ask what she does with the n00bs when the camera is put away.

    1. Hehehe yeah, Ever sure appreciates the n00b too! And err, off camera… is unwise to speak about what happens then…..:P

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