Kingdom of Jordan

Usually I try to avoid blogging about the same place Ziki has posted in one week, but when I read her blogpost on the Kingdom of Jordan I just had to do it too!

The Kingdom of Jordan is owned by Farah Loordes and, as Ziki blogged, she had some help in landscaping from Wendy Xeno – which explains the slight comparison with Hazardous (Masali). It is a delightful place, with lovely beaches surrounding the rocks and the real tribute to Jordan is of course the Al Khazneh, the well known temple carved out in the rocks in Petra!

On top of the rocks you have a great, wide view and you will find some cosy spots to sit and enjoy the environment.

For some odd reason some of the rocks would not rez properly for me. I waited an hour,  relogged a few times, changed viewers, fiddled with graphics…alas: most of it was sharp, but some rocks stayed blurry. Normally I would dismiss pictures like that for my blog, but I will post them anyway as they do give a nice impression of the place and it gives me another reason to go back and give it another try :).


In one of the buildings on the top, I found this elegantly decorated home…it just looks like a painting to me, wonderful! <3



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    Cait is this open to the public?

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