Un bel dì, vedremo


Un bel dì, vedremo
levarsi un fil di fumo
sull’estremo confin del mare.
E poi la nave appare.
Poi la nave bianca
entra nel porto,
romba il suo saluto.

Vedi? È venuto!
Io non gli scendo incontro. Io no.
Mi metto là sul ciglio del colle e aspetto,
e aspetto gran tempo
e non mi pesa,
la lunga attesa.

Sometimes, or often lately, when I cannot sleep I go to my office and have a smoke, a drink and listen to some music. It helps. As it did last night, or more early morning as I could hear the birds sing already…erm, actually I think they sing all night!
Anyway, I sat here and listened to one of my favourite tracks by Malcom McLaren – Madame Butterfly – and remembered I had a series of pictures ready for Flickr or my blog that suited this song!


The lyrics I started this post with are the original Italian ones from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, this is the translation :)

One good day, we will see
Arising a strand of smoke
Over the far horizon on the sea
And then the ship appears
And then the ship is white
It enters into the port, it rumbles its salute.

Do you see it? He is coming!
I don’t go down to meet him, not I.
I stay upon the edge of the hill
And I wait a long time
but I do not grow weary of the long wait.



Wings by Caverna Obscura
Butterflies incl. poses by Oliva Juice (no longer available)
Pictures shot on location: Luminarios Divide (Adult), this region will close this week, it is as good as empty already :(.


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