Rougham Town – Britannia

Due to several real life events and circumstances I have not been online, nor inworld, for quite some days. But, as a real blogger and SL addict I always have some sort of backlog in what I want to blog about, so even when not being able to login…I can still blog…and OMG, this is my 700th post!!!

Last week Tem posted pics of him on his feed, while ‘sunbathing’ on  a beach which made me laugh and it reminded me of some (rather sad) beaches we have here in Holland….the ones that look okay, but if you look behind you you see the heavy industries and smoke-pipes towering up behind the dunes…

Of course I had to go out and check this place, just for the heck of it and it is fun! Rougham Town, on the Britannia Isles is small but delightful and photogenic and good for at least an hour of fun sitting, posing and zooming around with various windlight settings!  I loved the details and the overal ambiance, worth a visit!



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