In and around the house

Today a blogpost without a slurl to the location featured…as this is about my private home, which I have completely redecorated the past two weeks!
I am almost done, although one is never done in SL, and pretty pleased with the endresult and so I decided to put some pictures on my blog to show it off :).

On the groundlevel I have put most effort and decorations in the garden, as I tend to ‘live’  outdoors anyway and hardly find myself IN the house. It’s why I choose a relatively small, one room, house – after all it is more for decoration.  Since I have used a lot of stuff from my inventory I already had and also some new things, I will try to make as much as a complete list in the credits below as I can!


Since I do not have banlines or a security-system and the land is in between Linden Road and Linden Ocean, I do get the occasional visitor walking by or in, which is fine as long as they are polite and behave….So for some sort of privacy – as far as possible in SL – I also have a skyhome which I mainly use to park myself when blogging, changing outfits or as a studio for photoshoots.  I have my own office up there (it’s a mini skybox, rezzed on top of the larger one I use for studio), and it is the only ‘indoor’ room I have actually decorated and… it is quite different than the groundlevel!



Credits groundlevel:
* House: Dutchie Mesh Cottage Hedwigepolder White
* Grass and wildflowers, Kidd Garden Center and Heart Garden Centre
* Lanterns by WereClosed
* Birches and stonewalls by LAQ Decor
* Birdbath by Robin Sojourner

Credits office:
* Building: Scarlet Creative Vintage Mesh Summerroom
* Desk, chair, bookshelves and office- accessoires by What Next
* Upholstered (mesh) Sofa by nEoteric (my first materials enabled piece!)
* Plants from the Arctic Greenhouse


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sy Beck says:

    Nicely done, upstairs and dowstairs :-)

  2. kyliejaxxon says:

    Ahhhhhh…no pics of the upstairs, huh? :P

    1. Shhh…Kylie..the attic is my …secret…..:p

  3. danniokelly says:

    Just as I thought it would be….. a place of peaceful serenity..yet vibrant with color. Thank you for sharing… Cheers to a job well done!

  4. DJ Frenzy says:

    Since your not using the house, I have some rent money… Smiles

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