Malibu Beach home – Open house

It may seem ironic that someone like me, with an empty house, is very interested in home decoration and a fan of Editorial and Rico’s blog on home decorations…But even though I do not fill my home, but rather my garden, I love seeing what other people do and how they manage to find the most amazing, detailed pieces to decorate their house. Obviously they put a lot of work and love in their home.

Editorial and Rico have opened their Malibu Summer Station to the public for the coming days, till 14th July, and if you want to get amazed or simply enjoy looking in someone elses house….I recommend a visit.
It is a gorgeous white mansion, located on a rock, and there is NO place, room or spot left unfurnished! Simply wonderful and even if it is not your style, it is really cool to see what can be done in Second Life :).






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